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Gryffindor, Godric- Uncovered of the house of Gryffindor. He prized courage among the the scholar. He was also the one particular who considered the concept of the sorting hat.

Keddle, Gertie- A witch who publish about quidditch in a diary, in the situations the quaffle was built away from leather.

My only comment was ‘using the piss’ will not be connected to staying drunk but usually means to produce pleasurable of one thing/somebody…

seventy one signifies .. Perfectly in case you’re poncing, you’re trying to get something for very little, Benefiting from a person’s kindness to have no cost things in essence.

Bell, Katie- A Gryffindor Lady 1 calendar year earlier mentioned Harry who performs chaser about the Gryffindor quidditch workforce. She also experienced a very negative experience in her seventh year, when somebody put a curse over a necklace she was to provide and she touched it, creating most of her seventh calendar year used in St. Mungo’s hospital.

Under no circumstances heard of Twigs and berries, or Strawberries and creams in my existence. And I’m off to bedfordshire? Maybe that’s a regional one particular…

In coalmining parlance being named a ‘get’ (or ‘git’) was to be declared ‘born from wedlock’ (or ‘on the wrong side of your blanket’!)……not a moderate swearword whatsoever, but a slur that would seriously get ‘your block knocked off’ if caught.

One by-product of this is “mutton dressed as lizard”, that means an more mature female dressing inappropriately in leather-based.

Hi there! Thanks for compiling the checklist. It’s an extremely interesting study. My Good friend is a real cockney Female and at times I don’t comprehend what she usually means. I’m certain this listing might help

If you’ve received twigs and berries there’s a little something Completely wrong. Don’t know about you but I’ve only acquired one twig.

Which jogs my memory: “ruby” – as Vape Cave Online Vape Shop in “Ruby Murray = curry” must be within the checklist. A several years again “pukka” would have been however the Unwanted fat-tongued chef has killed that one particular off.

smeg was not a character from pink dwarf. it was what lister utilized to call rimmer (smeg head). Consequently, a nickname, derived from slang that means the gunk that originates from beneath a fellas foreskin (or so im explained to….) x

I’ll have your guts for garters = aged expression for ‘I’m about to rip you a whole new 1’ or bodily harm you (even though not usually virtually)

Chips: they are NOT French fries. chips are much thickers than fries. Fries are referred to as fries right here also. Chips will be located in a chip shop, not in Maccy D’s.

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